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Read every day - It's the easiest way to get better
Posted 02/09/2018 08:00PM

Principal's message

Does your child love to read? Why? If the answer is, "yes," he or she probably does it every day. We asked students this question and some of the answers may surprise you.

Today, every student received an update on reading progress. This report, sent home in English and Spanish, allows you to see the grade equivalent level (GE) or reading level for your child's most recent test (late January or Early February). GE is a two digit number. For example, a 4.4 is a testing result of the fourth grade at the fourth month.

For some students, this score is a drop from scores earlier this year. This is perplexing and we wanted to find out why. So, we focused on the brights spots. Looking through school data we interviewed students who had struggled on prior tests, but had shown growth. We asked them why their scores had gone up in the last few months. Here's what they said:

  • Someone is encouraging reading. It could be a parent, and brother, a teacher, or even a principal. Be that person!
  • The reading level was a motivator. Especially for those below grade level, it was good for students to set goals.
  • A quiet place to read is critical. Having a place and routine allowed for deeper reading that led to more reading time at home than was assigned by a teacher.
  • A good book series made the difference. As educators, we can get caught up assigning kids "the classics". That often ignores personal interests. When we asked students, they named books like Captain Underpants or Dork Diaries. Why? "They are funny."

One of the best things your child can do to be a better reader is to read every day. Of course, he or she should do the homework and other reading assignments. But to really improve, he or she needs to read for fun.

If your child struggles with a reading routine or needs help picking a "good fit" book, come see your teacher, Ms. Voge in the library or have them come see me or Ms. Trowbridge in the office. We'd love to get them into a book series that makes them love reading.

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