Arrival and Dismissal

The safety of all who attend Laurelwood is of great concern to parents and staff. The parking lot is not a drop off/pick-up area. If you drive your child to and from school, please drop-off and pick-up your child at the designated drop off/pick up loop or park on the street and have your child walk using sidewalks. Please do not drop students off in the parking area.

Principles of Behavior

A positive school spirit is evident throughout Laurelwood School. Our school has high academic and behavioral expectations. Students are expected to achieve these standards and are provided the support they need to do so. In addition to the school-wide Student Management Program outlined below, all classrooms have effective management systems that includes clearly defined rules, appropriate consequences, and recognition for positive behavior. Rules for conduct are fair and reasonable; students are taught how to make wise choices about their behavior; students are taught conflict resolution skills; and adults model and reinforce appropriate behavior. The result is a school that is safe and orderly, fosters learning, encourages appropriate behavior and builds self-esteem. Discipline is administered with sensitivity to the dignity of the child. The rules and policies concerning behavior at Laurelwood were adopted with input from staff, students, and parents and are designed to ensure the safety of students as well as promote an atmosphere for learning. Many are based on California state law.

  • School and classroom rules are based on these general principles of behavior:
  • Treat staff members and classmates with courtesy.Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Be responsible for your behavior, your belongings and your work.
  • Respect school property, and the property of others.
  • Demonstrate the 6 Pillars of Character: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, fairness, and good citizenship.

General School Rules

  1. Show courtesy and respect to others: Racial slurs, inappropriate touching, sexual harassment, name calling, verbal bullying, physical bullying, vulgar language or vulgar gestures are not appropriate nor allowed.
  2. Solve problems through discussion rather than force. Fighting or threatening to do bodily harm to another person is not permitted.
  3. Respect school property and the property of others.Get permission before borrowing personal or school property. Turn in found items or money to office.
  4. Any item that distracts from the learning environment should be left at home. This includes but is not limited to toys, radios, skateboards, toy guns, toy knives, poppers, yo-yos, electronic games, sports equipment, wheelies, trading cards, etc.
  5. Gum and sunflower seeds are not permitted.
  6. Contribute to a safe, healthy environment: Guns, knives, explosives, matches and dangerous objects are not permitted. Smoking or the possession of tobacco is not permitted. (See section “Expulsion Laws” in drop down bar below).
  7. Bring only the money needed for school. Do not bring extra money to school.
  8. Report injuries or problems to a teacher, supervisor or the office immediately.

Opening, Recess, and Dismissal

Campus supervision begins 15 minutes prior to our starting time. Students may not arrive at school before supervision begins. Prior to the first bell, students should wait at the front of the school. After the bell rings, students may walk to the play area. The second bell is the signal that school is beginning. Students may walk to their classroom line number. At this point, all students should be ready to start their learning. For the safety of our Kindergarteners, parent/guardian needs to be present when teacher receives the student.

Should a student arrive after the second bell, they should report to the office for a late pass. Research has revealed that students who are late or miss school regularly find it difficult to be successful. Please make every effort to ensure that your child is on time.

At the end of the school day, students must go directly home or to their child care provider. Kindergarteners and first graders will be released to parent/guardian at dismissal. Only children accompanied by an adult, under the direct supervision of the teacher, or in an approved school activity may remain on campus. Students may not return until after 5 p.m. unless under the direct supervision of a parent or in an approved school activity.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

Please help us maintain a safe environment for all students at Laurelwood by driving slowly on Partridge Drive, in the surrounding neighborhood, and into the school. With the elimination of bus transportation, we highly recommend families to walk or carpool. Laurelwood’s parking lot will remain closed to the public between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. and again at the close of the school day from 2:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.

We added a new pick-up and drop-off lane (right side of cones) along the curb on Partridge Drive for vehicles turning into the loop. Please stay in vehicle at all times and pull forward along the curb when possible. Do not park on Partridge Drive between the designated "No Parking" zones where the pick-up and drop-off lane is established.

When dropping off your child, pull your vehicle all the way to the front of the loop. Wait in your car while your child is getting out of your vehicle. You are also welcome to park on the street and have your child walk onto school campus using the sidewalks. Eliminating cars driving through the parking lot creates a safer situation for our students, staff, and special needs bus riders. When picking up your child from school, do not leave your car unattended in the drop-off/pick-up zones. We ask that you park in designated parking spaces or on the street if you need to leave your vehicle for any reason. Please do not drive through the parking lot and do not park in the red zones. Thank you for your cooperation.

Campus Visitors

During school supervision hours, parents and visitors must come through the office and obtain a visitor's badge to enter the Laurelwood campus. For the safety of the students and staff, parents are asked to stay behind the yellow lines during school hours unless they are volunteering in a classroom. All deliveries of lunches, homework, backpacks, etc. should be delivered to the school office to ensure student safety and minimize classroom interruptions. Thank you in advanced for your assistance and support.


There is no place where students show their manners or reflect the training they have received at home more conspicuously than in the lunchroom. We urge all students to use the cafeteria/picnic tables as a place for pleasant relaxation, conversation, and leisurely eating. All students are required to be in the cafeteria/patio during their scheduled lunch period, observe all cafeteria rules, and remain in their seats until excused by supervisors. Students are expected to leave their lunch tables clean and orderly. Food and beverages are not permitted outside the cafeteria at any time. On rainy days, students eat in the cafeteria.

Playground Safety

Children may use playground equipment during school hours only when supervised. Equipment areas are closed when wet, dangerous, or when there is not adequate supervision. Students are to wait outside the curb until permission to use is given. Students are responsible for proper use of the playground equipment. This includes using ladders only to climb up, using the slide to go down one at a time feet first, and only going one direction on the rings and monkey bars. Students may not run, play tag or chase each other in the tanbark area. Likewise unsafe play such as standing on bars, jumping from equipment and swings is not allowed. Should a student get injured, it is important to tell the yard supervisor immediately.

Blacktop and Grass Area Safety

Recess is a time for fun and relaxation.However, all students are reminded to be courteous, respectful and safe.The following rules have been established to ensure student safety.

  1. Follow yard supervisors directions promptly and with courtesy.
  2. Pushing, fighting (including play-fighting), chasing, name calling, threatening, tackling, throwing rocks or sticks and taking equipment from others is not allowed.
  3. Play safe. No playing or running between buildings, or in bathrooms. Students must stay on the playground side of the yellow lines. Students should not climb on fences, trees, or picnic tables.
  4. Throwing, catching, tag, and kickball games are permitted only on the grass or in a defined court, i.e., handball court, basketball court, volleyball court, and race lines.
  5. Kicking a ball is allowed only on grass. Nerf footballs, soccer balls and kickballs are the only balls that may be kicked. Sports equipment from home may not be used at recess or lunch. Hard balls are not allowed at any time.
  6. Eat snacks at picnic tables only. Food is not allowed on blacktop, tanbark or grass.
  7. Sports equipment from home may be brought to school and used during P.E. with written permission by the teacher, and used under direct supervision of the teacher.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

Laurelwood Elementary’s discipline plan is designed to assist students in making responsible choices concerning appropriate behavior. It is our fundamental belief that students are responsible for their own behavior. Adults, parents and educators, are responsible for providing children with guidance and practice in choosing appropriate behavior. The effectiveness of the discipline policy is dependent upon the active commitment of all adults, administrators, staff, and parents.

Students who violate the school rules are subject to disciplinary action. In most cases the following procedure is followed by teachers/supervisors:

  1. Teacher/supervisor cautions and/or redirects the child as privately as possible.
  2. A discipline slip or referral may be issued.
  3. Teacher/supervisor and child discuss the inappropriate behavior and agree upon alternate, appropriate behavior to use in the future.
  4. Teacher/supervisor assigns an appropriate consequence as needed.
  5. Teacher/supervisor informs parent if situation warrants it. A Student Study Team meeting may be held.

Dress Guidelines

Good taste and good grooming are part of learning for children. It is recognized that the school shares with parents a responsibility for teaching young people the appropriateness of dress. It is our belief that clothing contributes to attitudes and behavior; therefore, we expect students to come to school dressed for learning. No article of clothing should carry slogans that are in “poor taste”. This would include wording that is suggestive, violent, or vulgar in nature or that which reflects drugs or alcohol. Gang-related clothing or modes of dress are not permitted. Students should wear shoes that are appropriate for physical education.

Bicycle Rules

With parent permission, we allow students in 3rd through 6th grade to ride their bikes to school. A permission slip must be on file in the office for students to ride their bike to school. Permission slips are available in the office. All bike riders must wear an approved helmet. Please walk your bike when on school grounds. All bicyclists must follow bike safety rules. Bicycles must be locked while at school.

Bus Riders

The courtesy and respect that is expected at school is also expected on the bus. Students must remember that their safety on the bus is the number one priority. The bus driver is responsible for the safety of everyone on the bus. For this reason, students must obey the driver. Normal school rules apply to those on the school bus. Your bus driver will review specific rules with you. Students are prohibited by the California Highway Patrol from bringing any of the following items on the bus: animals (including spiders, reptiles, insects, and rodents), glass items, all sports equipment, sharp or pointed objects, and food items not in a bag or container. Riding the bus is a privilege. Should a student not follow bus rules, they are subject to bus suspension. Please remember to respect other people and their property at the bus stops, while on the bus, and once you arrive at school.

Expulsion Laws

Expulsion from the Evergreen School District removes a child in grades K - 8 from enrolling in any Evergreen School for the period of expulsion. Laws, effective January 1, 1996, require a recommendation for expulsion for possessing a firearm (including pellet or BB guns), brandishing a knife at another person, and selling drugs.

Additionally, the Board of Trustees may expel for possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia, damage to property, theft, tobacco, disruption/defiance of authority, imitation firearm possession, sexual harassment, hate violence, and possession of dangerous objects.It is important to note that the most common reason for referral for expulsion is possession of a knife, which includes a pocket knife or Swiss Army knife.

Also, please note that if these violations occur when a student is walking to or from school, the student may be referred for expulsion. Parents should seriously review with their child at all ages the consequences of what they carry in their pockets, purses, or backpacks to and from school.Evergreen School District endorses a Zero Tolerance policy for any action of a student that endangers others.

Evergreen School District Policies

The following school district policies with regard to Non-Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, the Uniform Complaint Procedure, and Tobacco Free Environment are provided to you to increase your awareness of what is and is not tolerated at any Evergreen School District campus.

Non-Discrimination (B.P. 5145.)

District programs and activities shall be free from discrimination, including harassment, with respect to the actual or perceived ethnic group, religion, gender, color, race, ancestry, national origin, and physical or mental disability, age or sexual orientation.The Governing Board shall ensure equal opportunities for all students in admission and access to the educational program, guidance, and counseling programs, athletic programs, testing procedures, and other activities.

Sexual Harassment (B.P. 5145.7)

The Governing Board is committed to maintaining a school environment that is free from harassment.The Board prohibits sexual harassment of any student by another student, an employee or other person, at school or at a school-sponsored or school-related activity.The Board also prohibits retaliatory behavior or action against any person who complains, testifies, assists or otherwise participates in the complaint process established in accordance with this policy.Any student who engages in sexual harassment of anyone at school or at a school-sponsored or school-related activity is in violation of this policy and shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Uniform Complaint Procedure (B.P. 1312.4)

The Board recognizes that the district has primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and regulations governing education.The district shall investigate and seek to resolve complaints at the local level.The district shall follow uniform procedures when addressing civil rights guarantees, complaints alleging unlawful discrimination or gender equity issues, or failure to comply with state or federal law in programs for consolidated categorical aid, Indian education, migrant education, child nutrition, special education, adult education, career/vocation education, and child development.The Board prohibits retaliation in any form for the filing of a complaint, the reporting of instances of discrimination, or for participation in complaint procedures.Such participation shall not in any way affect the status, grades, or work assignments of the complainant. The Board acknowledges and respects employee rights to privacy.Discrimination complaints shall be investigated in a manner that protects the confidentiality of the parties and the facts. This includes keeping the identity of the complainant confidential except to the extent necessary to carry out the investigation or proceedings, as determined by the Superintendent or designee on a case-by-case basis.The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that employees designated to investigate complaints are knowledgeable about the laws and programs for which they are responsible.

Tobacco-Free Environment (B.P.4016.1)

Documentation and research has demonstrated the health hazards associated with the use of tobacco products and the breathing of second-hand smoke.Further, a legislative mandate requires the district to alleviate the presence and use of tobacco products in the educational environment. The Governing Board intends to maintain tobacco and smoke-free school facilities, grounds, offices, work areas, and district vehicles for all of its students, employees, parents, volunteers, and visitors.

Birthday Celebrations

Food items or balloons WILL NOT be allowed for birthday celebrations in the classroom. No celebrations involving food or drink will be permitted. If parents wish to recognize their child’s birthday at school they may provide decorative pencils, bookmarks, erasers, or stickers. You also have the choice of donating a book directly to the classroom. Talk to your child’s teacher about what book might help the classroom collection. Teachers may elect to honor students as they see fit by giving special recognition, singing of songs, special classroom duties, etc. In addition, birthday party invitations need to be handed out outside of school hours.

We have decided to implement this new policy because of several concerns:

-Conflicts with our local wellness policy regarding childhood obesity

-Conflicts with the guidelines of the district’s Child Nutritional Service

-Concerns over students who have food allergies

-The negative impact these food items have on our office and custodial staff

-Loss of instructional time

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