In order for students to use their hearts and minds to their fullest potential, Quimby Oak offers Art, Music, Leadership, Digital Media Arts and 21st Century Project Based Learning (PBL) to enrich their academic and personal learning. Creativity and presentation are two incredibly valuable skills in the modern world. In these classes, students are challenged to learn a variety of skills, learn more about themselves and their fellow students, and learn the rich histories of art, music, or technology. We look forward to a wonderful and exciting year with all of our students.


Students will explore the elements of art and the fundamentals of design through various 2D and 3D projects. Students will make journals to record art history notes and drawings. Paper-mache masks, fabric and paper collage, plaster cloth action figures, a technology project, and much more await students in the Art Studio!AVID

Music (only year-long elective)

  • Concert Band is a beginning/intermediate level group, though no prior experience is necessary. New members join this band on a yearly basis with recent or no experience and leave seasoned and ready for the more advanced Symphonic Band. Membership is for 7th and 8th graders with a strong interest in learning a wind instrument, growing their performance skills, and learning more about music through the band curriculum. Students learn how to read music, play an instrument to an intermediate level, and perform in several concerts throughout the year. Students gain the performing ability necessary to play music at a level difficult enough for preparation and performance in school concerts and to audition into the Symphonic Band. The ensemble performs in our two big concerts, the big Elementary Concert in May, and other special events throughout the year.
  • Symphonic Band is an intermediate/advanced level group and is for those 7th and 8th grade students who have mastered their first method book or beyond. Students enrolled in this class have either been auditioned or met the requirements from previous enrollment based on teacher recommendation. This ensemble travels for local music festivals and receives consistent high marks in festival performance, having received Unanimous Superior and Excellent ratings the past two years. The goal of this class is high school preparation, honing ensemble performance skills, and continued development of individual instrumental technique and musical knowledge. The ensemble performs in two concerts a year in addition to performing at many school functions, including: Spirit Rallies, Elementary Visits, School Carnival, and more. Students are expected to engage in outreach and mentorship with our feeder elementary bands and community. Students in this ensemble may also wish to audition for California All-State and regional Honor groups.
  • Chorus is a vocal performing ensemble that is open to all students, regardless of their previous musical background and vocal experience. Students with no experience are encouraged to join! A strong desire to learn vocal music of all kinds, learning to read music, and a positive attitude are essential requirements for this class. Students gain a strong foundation in music fundamentals, as well as vocal technique, and progress to full ensemble performances by the end of each semester. Students can expect to sing in small and large groups, perform in public, engage in new music listening, dance, and learn to sing melodies and up to three part harmony.


Quimby Leadership is an elective class for 8th graders during the fall semester and for 7th and 8th grade during the spring semester. Seventh grade students are recommended by their 7th grade teacher team. About 60 students participate in Leadership each semester. Students are committed to making school a positive and spirited place for all the students attending Quimby.

Each year during late winter, 7th grade students are elected to be the ASB president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and historian for the following school year.

The Leadership class coordinates several activities for our students including running the lunch program, spirit rallies, noontime activities, fundraisers, spirit days, sports events, and dances.

Peer Advisory

While at Quimby Oak, all students will participate in peer advisory. This class is designed as a place for students to further develop study skills, life skills, participate in service-learning and to build developmental assets. Students need to be equipped with the tools to cope and function in the real world, including developing relationships with peers and adults as well as resisting peer pressure and solving personal conflicts.

21st Century Project Based Learning

Students in the 21st Century class will work collaboratively in a group setting that includes a 1:1 student to computer ratio and other software and hardware tools to enhance the learning experience. This elective will use Project-Based Learning (PBL) and a technology rich environment to unlock skills like communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Students participate in 3 Hallmark projects: a School of the Future design project partnering with Aedis Architects, a restaurant project, and a school garden project.

Digital Media Arts

21st Century Project Based Learning and Art collaborate in this yearlong, 7th and 8th grade combination course. Students will learn the ins and outs of designing and creating a yearbook. They will learn the artistic elements of design, how to create models, drawings, and photography that will accompany yearbook highlights, articles, captions, and stories. Students will work in a 1:1 tech classroom with equal access to the art studio. Not only will students have lessons rooted in blending art with the publishing of a yearbook, they will develop the leadership and social skills needed to work in a highly collaborative environment.


Teachers Elective

Mark Stolan

Gary Ortega

Mosey Gill

Colleen Boyle

Mark Fujimoto

Mosey Gill & Colleen Boyle




21st Century PBL

Peer Advisory

Digital Media Arts

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