Emergency Procedures

In the event of a disaster, the Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Services will be responsible for providing medical and health assistance and supplies to Laurelwood School. All school employees are designated “disaster service workers” by law and must remain at the school until released by the principal or designee.


During the first week of school and periodically thereafter, teachers will practice emergency procedures with their class. An emergency map and a student roster must be posted on the wall next to the outside door of the classroom free from obstruction. A classroom backpack containing emergency supplies must be easily accessible.

Below are the procedures we follow in the event of a fire or earthquake disaster. Fire drills will be held monthly (refer to master calendar) and earthquake drills will be held twice a year (to be scheduled).


An evacuation map must be posted in all rooms. Follow the evacuation route if it is safe to do so; if not safe, select an alternate route. Take the class list and emergency backpack when exiting the building. Close the door; do not lock it. Students move quickly and silently in an orderly manner to the designated area on the map. Upon arrival, teachers take roll and report missing or injured children to the principal. Remain in place until “all clear” signal.

Fire Drill Procedures (Close Classroom Door/ Turn Off Lights!)

  1. The alarm will ring and students and teacher immediately evacuate the classroom in a single file line.
  2. Teacher is the last to evacuate and takes with him/her the class list for attendance.The classroom door is closed.
  3. Each class should follow the route on the evacuation map and line up as indicated.
  4. Once at the evacuation site, teachers take attendance and account for missing students.
  5. When the “all clear” signal is given, the students return to class in single file, quiet lines.

Earthquake Drill (Leave Classroom Door Open/Turn Off Lights!)

  1. Upon hearing the signal or feeling shaking, students and adults duck and cover.Drop to knees, clasp both hands behind the neck, and bury face in arms, close eyes and cover eyes with forearms.
  2. Teachers take roll while in duck and cover position.
  3. An assigned contact person will come to your classroom and will act as a source of communication.
  4. Contact person assists with injuries.No one is to leave the classroom until instructed to do so by the contact person.
  5. When instructed to leave the classroom, send students in groups of 4-5 to your evacuation area.When all students are evacuated, the teacher evacuates to assigned area, leaving the classroom door open. Teacher takes Earthquake Procedures packet, first aid kit, and earthquake bin (if stored in your room) to evacuation area.
  6. Once at evacuation site, teachers take attendance and account for missing students.
  7. Wait for further instructions or “all clear” signal before returning to buildings.

Release of Students

When a parent or parent designee comes to pick-up a child, the parent or designated adult will sign the pink disaster card.If the person picking up the child is not on the card, he/she will be directed to see the secretary at the Command Center.


The Emergency Response Team is made up of designated teachers and staff members.The ERT members are under the direction of the principal and are assigned special duties in the event of an emergency or crisis at school.Major duties of the ERT are as follows:

Facilitate communication between staff and principal in the event the public address system is not operational.

Facilitate the safe evacuation of staff and students from the buildings.

Set up and run the Emergency Command Center.

Set up and run the First Aid Station.

Secretary: Set up Command Center and remain there as communication liaison.Maintain communication with district via 2-way radio; with principal via walkie-talkie; with community agencies, e.g. police, fire, etc. Record all information and report it to the principal.

Health Clerk: Set up First Aid Station. Remain at the station administering first aide with the assistance of additional ERT members. Keep a record of injuries and care provided.

Custodians: Turn off gas and electricity. Bring tool kit and emergency supplies and emergency food to the Command Center and remain for further assignments.

Media Assistant: Turn students over to classroom teacher or librarian and report to the Command Center for further assignments.

Specialists: Remain with your students until they have been evacuated. Deliver your students to their classroom teacher at their emergency number line and then report to Command Center for further assignments.


ERT Members will take roll in their classrooms and then turn supervision over to neighboring teacher. ERT member will survey room assignments and area for damage/injury and then report the status of their assignments to the Command Center (ball board). ERT members will receive further assignments upon arrival at the Command Center.Assignments may include the following:

Set up First Aid Station and administer first aid.

Check safety of evacuation routes.

Check with teachers regarding injuries and missing children.

Evacuate classroom 4-6 students at a time.

Check safety of building to re-enter.

Communicate with District on 2-way and listen to portable for Civil Defense announcements. Liaison between principal, staff, district, community agencies, etc.

Turn off gas and electricity.

Direct traffic if needed.

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