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Ventilation Measures

We will maximize, to the extent feasible, the quantity of outside air for our buildings with mechanical or natural ventilation systems.

  • To include circumstances where the amount of outside air needs to be minimized due to other hazards, such as heat and wildfire smoke.
  • Determining how the ventilation system will be properly maintained and adjusted.
  • Determining if it is possible to increase filtration efficiency to the highest level compatible with the existing ventilation system.
  • The District has contracted with Pacific West energy management company to install ionizers on every HVAC unit in the district. These will increase air filtration in all occupied spaces.
  • The District will-upgrade building air filters to the highest efficiency possible, pending availability and as recommended by the CDC. Adding the ionizers to the existing MERV 8 Systems will filter the air to a level of MERV 16+ without any added wear and tear to the HVAC unit itself. Any new HVAC units installed will have MERV 13 filters with the ionizers. This chart shows the air filtration efficiency. Testing has proven that existing MERV 8 combined with ionization achieves >MERV 13 filtration near HEPA levels.
    % of Virus Controlled Based on Technology
    MERV RatingFilter OnlyFilter + Ionization
    17 (HEPA)99.9%99.99%
    Image: Filtration performance from EPA study “Transmission of Viruses in Indoor Air”. Ionization improvements based on independent tests by Blue Heaven Labs & the National Research Council of Canada. Source: Pacific West
  • The District shall ensure all HVAC systems operate on the mode which delivers the maximum fresh air changes per hour, including enabling settings that provide constant outside air ventilation. HVAC air filters shall be changed at the recommended intervals.
  • All locations with functioning windows and doors shall be encouraged to keep windows and doors open depending on weather, temperature, or air quality conditions.
  • If an occupied space is unable to have proper ventilation, due to power outage or mechanical failure of the HVAC system the following actions shall be taken in order until the situation is corrected.
    • Open windows and door(s) to increase ventilation and airflow.
    • Bring in fan(s) to increase ventilation and airflow placed to push air out of the room.
    • Relocate students and staff to a different area where there is appropriate ventilation and airflow. To minimize the risk of waterborne illnesses, the following steps recommended by the CDC have been taken to ensure that all water systems and features (e.g. sink faucets, drinking fountains) are safe to use after the prolonged facility shutdown.

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